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Diocese of Etche holds her 2nd Mother’s Union Conference

As the tides bellows and prophesies of time and myths unfolds, the women of Etche is set to hold her Biennial Mother’s Union Conference. This epoch-making convention which encompasses all inducted mothers from various archdeaconries within the diocese is promised to deliver mind-blowing activities ranging from Bible studies, seminar teachings, Rendition of addresses, food exhibition and Singing and Match-pass competition to climax the conference.

Etche South East Archdeaconry is ready and prepared to play host to this four days delegates conference, has pledged to see to the well-being of all Conference delegates and ensure safe stay during the conference.

Date of the conference is Thursday, 7th October to Sunday, 10th October, 2021. The conference is slated to hold at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Chokota Etche.

The 2021 Diocesan Mother’s Union Conference Central Planning Committee and the Local Organizing Committee on behalf of the entire women faithfuls of the diocese of Etche invites the general public to come hold hands with them as they grow a formidable diocese via the women arm.


Chairman Ukaegbu Ugo


Author: doe

Media Director, Diocese of Etche

By doe

Media Director, Diocese of Etche

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